UGA Skidaway Institute produces informational video on black gill in Georgia shrimp

The UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography has produced an informational video to educate the public about black gill, a condition affecting Georgia shrimp, and the institute’s research into the problem.

Black gill is a mysterious condition affecting shrimp from Florida to North Carolina. A number of shrimpers have blamed black gill for their reduced harvests.

Almost nothing was known of the condition until the UGA Skidaway Institute began looking into the issue in early 2014. Since then, researchers have learned much about the condition, but much is still unknown. This video provides background on the condition and the results of the investigation thus far.

The video can be viewed below or accessed through the UGA Skidaway Institute Web site at

The black gill research is funded by Georgia Sea Grant. The video was produced in cooperation with UGA Marine Extension, the university’s Office of Public Service and Outreach, Georgia Sea Grant and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

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